Blue Feather Inspiration offers personal life coaching and complementary services.

BFI provides life coaching, complementary services and other appropriate support for personal, spiritual, creative, health and professional issues to individual clients. BFI's philosophy is that making the world a better, happier, healthier, more spiritually satisfied, balanced and whole place can be done one person at a time; and that every single one of those people matters.

Welcome to Blue Feather Inspiration Life Coaching.

We are based in Mid-Devon near Crediton and offer life coaching to individual private clients.

Blue Feather Inspiration offers 3 types of coaching session:

  • In person at a local venue / room. This can either be at a local venue (Crediton) or sometimes alternatives nearer the client are possible.
  • In person out and about: after an initial meeting it may be appropriate to chose the option of coaching whilst walking, up on dartmoor is a favorite, but different locations in the area are possible. Very much dependent on the nature of the work to be undertaken, but very suitable for anyone who has "getting more exercise" as one of their goals.
  • Phone coaching: pre arranged, pre-booked, timed sessions on the telephone.

Your booking can be for any of these styles, or a mix, as is appropriate, usually this will be decided as you progress.

I am happy to travel further afield for your coaching sessions, though there are additional costs for this.

Any of these styles can be supported by an additional email support package if required.

We specialise in personal, spiritual, creative, and health coaching. We can also offer some professional or business coaching, however we may refer some larger international corporate clients to one of our associate coaching companies if we feel they will serve you better.

Life Coaching is great for getting your life in perspective and making calm choices about what you want and don't want in your life in future. It includes working out how to achieve that, in manageable stages and essentially, monitoring your progress.

A good life coach will be able to help you do all this, and will offer you tools and skills you can use along the way to improve your chances of success.

Life coaches should not make your decisions for you, they are there to make it easier for you to take conscious control of your own life and choices. Nor will a life coach do the work for you, you make your choices and have to work at achieving your own goals. Life coaches are there to give support in whatever way they can to you whilst you do this.

Life coaches specialise in different areas but life coaching will always need to consider the whole of your life to address any of these areas since they do not exist in isolation and however hard some people try, they will always affect each other through us.

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