Blue Feather Inspiration offers personal life coaching and complementary services.

BFI provides life coaching, complementary services and other appropriate support for personal, spiritual, creative, health and professional issues to individual clients. BFI's philosophy is that making the world a better, happier, healthier, more spiritually satisfied, balanced and whole place can be done one person at a time; and that every single one of those people matters.

What is and isn't Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is great for getting your life in perspective and making calm choices about what you want and don't want in your life in future. It includes working out how to achieve that, and essentially monitoring your progress.

A good life coach will be able to help you do all this, and will offer you tools and skills you can use along the way to improve your chances of success.

Life coaches should not make your decisions for you, they are there to make it easier for you to take conscious control of your own life and choices. Nor will a life coach do the work for you, you make your choices and have to work at achieving your own goals. Life coaches are there to give support in whatever way they can to you whilst you do this.

Life coaches specialise in different areas but life coaching will always need to consider the whole of your life to address any of these areas since they do not exist in isolation and however hard some people try, they will always affect each other through us.

If you have actual practical work, pieces of research or advocacy which you need someone to do for you then you might try contacting another branch of our work BFI R&R

What to expect from your first life coaching session?

The first session is all about getting comfortable with each other and getting to understand the wider picture both for Jo as your coach, and also to ensure you understand what coaching is offering you.

Having got an overview of your life, the session will usually conclude with focus on clarifying some ideas of what issues you want to address in the future sessions (eg: thinking of ways to work on weight loss; assessing work life balance and improving it; improving relations within a family, being happier in yourself) . This is where you get to make the statement of what you want from your coaching, and make a commitment to doing the work to get it for yourself.

Future sessions nature and structure will depend on what this is but will involve exploring your values, assessing your options, learning about useful tools, setting achievable goals, tracking progress and more.

What we do at Blue Feather and who it is for?

Our coaching is particularly for those wanting to get a grip on something in their life or the whole of their life.

It is for those who feel there is something missing in their life or are searching for their own spiritual path. For those who are suffering a crisis of faith, and feel uncomfortable expressing this to those you would usually turn to but want some help finding their path again.

We can offer help to artists and other creatives (writers, performers) who feel blocked or who want to find new ways of approaching their art.

Our life coaching is also for those looking to turn around their relationship with their body without turning their family upside down. For those who want to loose some weight without loosing the joy in their life, who want to get healthier without getting bored. Maybe you have recently discovered you have food allergies and this has stirred up emotional issues then come talk it out and move on here.

If you feel the need to re-evaluate your life after a major change, be it bereavement or redundancy, moving to a new home or a promotion, relationship breakdown or getting married. Whatever the change is, if you want to look again and explore what this really means to you then we can help.

Blue Feather can offer space to explore your true beliefs and values in safety, without judgement. We can help you find your own right answers.

We do not have any prejudgements about what is the right and true path for anyone. Our role is to help you work out what are the right choices for your life at this point in time by listening and asking questions, by challenging assumptions and habits, sometimes by offering alterative ideas, but mostly by helping you see things in a different, and hopefully clearer light and giving you the confidence to make your own better choices.

Whether you end up making dramatic changes in the most positive way you can, or apparently keeping most aspects of your life as they were, but appreciating them with a whole new insight, our intention is that you come away from your series of sessions with us happier with your life and all that it is to you.