Blue Feather Inspiration offers personal life coaching and complementary services.

BFI provides life coaching, complementary services and other appropriate support for personal, spiritual, creative, health and professional issues to individual clients. BFI's philosophy is that making the world a better, happier, healthier, more spiritually satisfied, balanced and whole place can be done one person at a time; and that every single one of those people matters.

Your Life Coach - Jo
Jo is trained to degree equivalent NCFE level 4 as a life coach, she also has various and varied life experiences which support her work.

Past work experiences ranges from international corporate business and government organisations, through to retail and leisure. With full time long term employment, temping, short term contracts and years of self employement.

Jo is now self employed in a selection of roles which she has crafted into her own life to give the mix and balance she loves.
As well as being a life coach, Jo runs regular
dance and ShimmyFit danc-ercise classes which she sees as a fun, health, healing and personal development tool as well as an expressive art & fitness tool. Artistic expression comes also through her textiles, art and performance work. Jo uses her organisational and communication skills to run a specialist entertainments agency Catspaw and does occasional research or advocacy work for BFI R&R

An enthusiastic user of Bach remedies for herself & others for a number of years Jo has basic training with the Bach centre. Jo has been working with tarot cards on and off since the 1980s for herself and others. Either of these can be requested in addition to normal coaching as supporting tools.

Jo has formal qualifications as a Sports Coach (specialising in dance) NCFE2 and in Healthy Eating and Nutrition NCFE2.

Jo has personal experience of a number of hypnotherapy products and self help titles, and can offer recommendations for useful supporting tools such as these. With knowledge of a variety of techniques used by counsellors and psychologists, such as CBT, to support a clients case, she will still refer to a psychiatrist or other specialist professional if it is in the clients best interest.

Around all this Jo has been studying druidry since the 1990s and especially values it's focus on living life consciously with self knowledge, taking personal responsibility, living life in balance, and true to ourselves, placing value on connection with and service to the local community and appreciation of the whole of the world around us.

Why Blue Feather?
The name Blue Feather Inspiration is a tribute to the inspirational novel: Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.

During the progress of the novel the protagonist learns to materialise what he wants in his life. He starts to make his initial progress and is somewhat amazed at what he achieves, and is especially surprised with the form it takes: a small blue feather he had visualised, just not quite where or how he expected it.

Not only does this connect with the inspiration of believing that we can bring what we need into our lives with our own belief and work; but it is also a recognition that so often what we ask for may not come to us in the form we imagine, assumed or expected to start with and yet, so often it comes to us in a way that suits us better, which is more fit for purpose.

A favorite quote, which doesn't come from Illusions, but is wonderfully true all the same, is that "everything works out more perfectly than I planned". Suggesting that the planning is important, but once done what we have to do is live and move forward, to trust, but not cling to a plan. Adaptiveness is what lets us truly flourish.

The name Blue Feather Inspiration is also a tribute to the inspiration that Richard Bachs numerous books have been to many other people around the world over the years.

Blue Feather Inspiration follows the guidelines of the Association for Life Coaches.

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